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Strain Review: Ace of Spades

Or the Ace of Strains?


A strain that was bred by a seed company known as TGA Subcool Seeds, Ace of Spades is truly a unique strain. The plants are a cross between strains Jack the Ripper and Black Cherry Soda – and they were bred together specifically with a certain sweet and sour taste in mind.

What You Should Expect

This strain is an indica hybrid, though offers much of what you might expect from a sativa dominant hybrid – leaving many people feeling uplifted and ready to go again. The buds are positively beautiful and colorful with a wide range of shades such as purple, blue and pink – all of which are covered in fine orange hairs.

The aroma of this particular hybrid is a citrus and berry mixture with earthy undertones that are more prevalent when it is smoked. You will quickly start to feel relaxed and the overwhelming stress of everyday life starts to melt away, making room for clear and positive thoughts.

You will notice that the feelings that normally come right along with an indica strain tend to pop up towards the end of your buzz. If you are looking for a good long term medication that will help you relax and then help you sleep after, then this would be perfect for you.

Medical Benefits of Ace of Spades

The strain, being an indica hybrid, has many different uses in the medical marijuana world. If you are looking for a strain that will be able to help with mental conditions such as bi-polar, anxiety and depression, then this strain will have excellent effects. It starts out with a very productive buzz for most, which allows for normal functioning while medicated.

When you start to come down from this strain you will notice the indica presence and it can be quite powerful. This strain may be best for use in the evenings rather than early in the day for this reason. Using this strain in the evening could easily allow for you to get your evening tasks done and have a long restful night afterwards.

If you suffer from arthritic pain, migraines or insomnia then you will likely enjoy this strain for the evenings as the prolonged indica effect will help leave you with a comfortable night sleep – thus allowing for a great start to the next day.

This strain takes about 8 weeks from seed to flower and provides generous yields, making it a favorite for many who grow at home and commercially