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Strain Review: Blue Widow

A Hybrid of Legendary Descent

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When two extremely well known strains come together in a hybrid you can pretty much assume you’re getting a great product – and Blue Widow is one of those such hybrids. Bred from a Blueberry male and White Widow female, this strain shows off features from both lines that make it both colorful and powerful – something cannabis connoisseurs look forward to in any strain.  

What You Should Expect

The first thing you will probably notice about Blue Widow is the sweet and fruity aroma that follows it around, and that is definitely followed up with a berry like flavor when smoked or vaporized. The buds are denser  – but they grow long, almost finger-like, and the plants themselves can grow up to almost 10 feet (3 meters) outdoors. With a forest green base you will also notice blues, purples and even shades of red – this occurs due to temperature drops during the flowering period – and it is often coated in a sugary looking blanket of crystals – just as you would see in the White Widow parent.

Effects from this strain are primarily indica in nature, offering a feeling a relaxation where your muscles unwind, your body becomes less tense and you generally feel calm. This is accompanied by a slight cerebral head buzz that will leave the world feeling and looking much more vibrant. However, in higher doses it will likely induce a nap, though in some that is a desired effect. Overall the effects of this strain are right on par with the plants it was bred from and it offers an average THC percentage of 12-17 percent.

Medical Benefits

The Blue Widow strain is an excellent strain for those who are looking to use it for medicinal purposes – but like most strains it has certain qualities that make it better suited for certain ailments. Those suffering from anxiety and depression will likely find relief with this strain as it helps both your mind and body to relax – something that many with these conditions cannot do themselves. It is also a great option for those suffering from aches and pains due to both injury and chronic pain. However, it should be regarded as an afternoon or evening medication because, as mentioned earlier, higher doses can cause sedation – making it a good choice for insomniacs as well.

If you are thinking about growing this strain on your own, then you should know that it does grow well both indoors and outdoors – however it will truly thrive outdoors as it can grow to its full potential. This strain flowers relatively quickly, 55-60 days on average, and it has a pretty high yield for a single plant – anywhere between 500-1,000 grams. When growing this strain you will likely need to pay a little more attention during the flowering period in order to maximize the color of the plant as well as the potency and resin production.

If you have experience with Blue Widow – smoking, vaping, baking or growing – we would love to hear about it in the comments!