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Strain Review: Dream Queen

A Satisfyingly Energizing Sativa

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If you’re in search of a strain that will help you with your “get-up-and-go” rather than one that will leave you feeling sleepy and relaxed, then Dream Queen is certainly a sativa to put on your list. This hybrid of two favorites – Blue Dream and Space Queen – offers a satisfyingly energetic effect that is perfect to start your day.

What You Should Expect

A sativa-dominant hybrid, generally between 70-90% sativa and 30-10% indica, Dream Queen can have THC levels that average about 15% to upwards of 19% with relatively high CBD content for the type of strain, generally around 0.5%. The sativa look of the buds, loose and almost fluffy, is to be expected, with bright green leaves and orange and amber hairs and a thick frost of white crystals makes it obvious that this strain gets all of the best qualities of its parent strains. The aroma of this strain is very sweet, a fruity-like scent with earthy undertones – and the flavor when smoked or vaporized is more of a citrus and fruit blend.

While the sativa effects are the first you will notice – an almost immediate rush of energy and creativity, putting social anxiety at ease and making even the quietest person talkative – it does retain some indica properties. This strain is likely to induce the munchies, making it an excellent strain for those with loss of appetite – and it has the ability to relieve minor aches and pains. It generally puts users in a relaxed and euphoric mood, though a couple hours after consuming you may find the indica effects taking over and making your feel tired and possibly ready for a nap, depending on how you used all that energy from the initial buzz.

Medical Benefits

If you’re considering using Dream Queen as a medicine, then you will want to consider the sativa effects. If you’re looking for relief from an anxiety disorder, such as general or social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder or similar conditions (like depression), then you are likely to find this strain is extremely beneficial. The uplifting feelings will put you in a great mood, where stresses melt away and you are able to think objectively and without the dread of handling a situation.

As already mentioned, this strain will work wonders for those who are suffering from loss of appetite, making it an effective medicine for eating disorders like anorexia, or wasting syndrome. It can also make an excellent option for daytime medicating for chronic pain. Dream Queen is supposed to be relatively easy strain to grow, making it a good option for beginners looking to grow a strong strain; it flowers at around 45-55 days and has generally a slightly higher than average yield.