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Strain Review: Frost Berry OG


Frost Berry OG is an indica dominant hybrid with a power parent lineage of OG Kush and Blueberry. The Frost Berry OG strain gets its sugary and berry like scent and flavor from its kush heritage. Users who would recommend the strain report the medicating effect of Frost Berry OG to be relaxed yet slightly euphoric medicating effect.

Appearance/ Taste/ Aroma

The buds from the Frost Berry OG strain are very fat and dense. The light pale green buds are tight and crisp with a beautiful frosting of trichomes throughout. The first scent you get from the Frost Berry OG terp profile is some old school OG dankness. When broken up, the buds have been reported to let loose a bit of pleasant, sugary, berry sweetness along with the dankness from the kush. The flavor of Frost Berry OG has been reported to be very flavorful, reminiscent of its blueberry parent strains. Patients have said that the OG dankness tends to cover the pallet after the initial berry taste.

Medicating Effect

Medical patients and legal cannabis users have reported the medicating effects of the Frost Berry OG strain to be relaxed, yet offering a slightly euphoric feeling in the head. Frost Berry OG has been reported to feature a calming effect on the whole body while helping to maintain focus on tasks. The indica dominance offers stress relief and whole body relaxation while avoiding some of the heaviness that comes from other popular indica strains. This makes the strain a good choice for medicating in the morning or for a quick break or stress relief during the daytime.

While Frost Berry OG doesn’t induce heavy amounts of the munchies, the strain could be a good one for those looking to treat another ailment and stimulate appetite at the same time. Its medicating effect profile is perfect for patients looking to relieve stress, treat chronic pain, depression or anxiety. Its semi-sweet berry flavor and mellow, yet light-medicating effect seems to make Frost Berry OG a good choice for newbie cannabis consumers. This is definitely a good thing, as many popular indica strains on the market today seem to be too potent for users looking to try medicating with cannabis plant medicine for the first time.

We want to hear what you think! Is Frost Berry OG your favorite strain? If not, what is? Let us know and maybe we’ll do a review on it!