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Strain Review: Fruity Pebbles

A Fruity Blend of Sativa and Indica

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The most interesting thing about Fruity Pebbles is the fact that there are many different hybrids that go by this particular name – making it potentially difficult to know whether the effects will be more or less than same from plant to plant. There is one official Fruity Pebbles OG strain that was offered for a limited time by Alien Genetics.

What You Should Expect

Since Fruity Pebbles can vary in lineage, the look and effects of the strain can differ from batch to batch (and state to state). On most occasions, it is a slightly indica-dominant strain with a more sativa-like appearance. It is usually a lighter shade of green with orange hairs hiding within the leafy buds. The strain got its name thanks to the aroma that practically replicates that of the sugary breakfast cereal it’s named after.

When it comes to the smoke or vapor produced by Fruity Pebbles, it is rather citrusy and fruity flavored and is typically a smoother hit that leaves little to no aftertaste. It’s the pungent aroma that you have to worry about with this one – and an airtight container is definitely your best friend when keeping Fruity Pebbles in the house. The effects of this strain tend to have a slower onset, gaining it the title of a “creeper strain”.  

Medical Benefits of Fruity Pebbles

If you’re looking to medicate with Fruity Pebbles, you may want to consider holding off until later in the afternoon or evening to start toking. While the THC content has ranged from an average of 12% to as high as 25%, the effects are more on the indica side, which will lead to a heavier body buzz and potential couchlock. However, some hybrids have enough sativa effect that during the initial high you will feel motivated – but perhaps a little spacy – meaning it could be good for getting some household chores done before taking a nice afternoon nap.

Strains such as this one are typically used for mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety, chronic stress disorder and even bipolar disorder. It helps to relax your mind and body, allowing you to focus (more or less) on the tasks at hand without fear of what could happen. This strain is also an exceptional choice for those dealing with migraine headaches and minor aches and pains due to chronic conditions, such as arthritis.