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Strain Review: Ice Queen

A Frosty and Feisty Sativa


This is a strain that is loved by daytime users. The Sativa dominant hybrid was bred from the famous White Widow and Cinderella 99 and the blend was a brilliant idea. There is another version of this strain bred from Master Ice and Valley Queen – but this particular strain is harder to come by these days, originally bred by No Mercy Seeds.

What You Should Expect

Upon first look Ice Queen buds are very loose and fluffy – but it grinds up fine and not leafy considering how soft the bud is. It is a pale green shade, though more of a vibrant green than a pale yellow green and it has the appearance of being “snow frosted” due to the white resin crystals that cover the buds (a trait most likely from its White Widow heritage).  

The Ice Queen Sativa is a perfect daytime medication – the feelings that follow consumption generally include euphoria and a relaxed mind. It can allow you to focus easily with a clear mind and has a tendency to energize the user. It would make a perfect “wake n’ bake” bud paired with a cup of good coffee.  

Smoke from this strain is light and airy – not one to make you cough very much, which is a benefit for so many medical users. The taste is very sweet and the aromas seem to remind many of lavender and rose – but with a little bit of a kick to it.

Medical Benefits of Ice Queen

As stated, this is the perfect strain for daytime use. It leaves you ready to handle your day with a stress free mind-set, making this a great strain for people who live with depression or anxiety issues. It could easily help those people to get through their day, only needing to medicate a few times as it is a potent strain that lasts for at least a couple of hours for most users.

For people who need marijuana for pain or inflammation this strain can still be beneficial, though it may not be as beneficial as a good indica depending on the individual. It would be a great choice for those with ADD and ADHD due to its tendency to help people focus on one task with enthusiasm.

Since there is not much of a come-down from this strain you will not start to feel drained a few hours into the day. For anyone who still works, but needs to medicate consistently, this could be an excellent option to choose from.