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Strain Review: Kryptonite

A Knock-Out Indica


Sometimes the origins of a strain can be difficult to find – but after much searching I think I’ve determined the real Kryptonite strain is an indica dominant hybrid. The parent strains are known to be The Purps and Killer Queen; though it is often thought to have OG Kush in the lineage this is actually a completely different strain of the very similar name Kryptonite OG.

What You Should Expect

This strain is known to have a THC content of up to 25%, so this is definitely a powerful indica. The first thing that inexperienced users should be aware of is taking it slow with strong herbs like this one – you may not need as much as you are expecting. The effects of Kryptonite start working almost immediately with a relaxed body and mind – too much may leave you with couch lock making this a better strain for evening time consumption.

Like most intense buds this one is accompanied by an unmistakable aroma – this is definitely a strain you will want to keep airtight (unless you enjoy the scent, in which case you’re in luck). The buds are generally a somewhat darker shade of green with purple and orange-brown hairs that are thickly coated in frosty crystals. The smoke or vapor from this strain is relatively smooth and it has a very earthy taste.

Medical Benefits of Kryptonite

This strain (like most indicas) is most often used in cases of chronic pain, depression and anxiety. The immediate relaxing effect on both body and mind make for a perfect medication for many different conditions. Kryptonite likely being a descendant of The Purps would be a part of the purple strain family, which is widely known to be one of the best medicines for pain management.

If you are looking for a strain that will ease your mind, help you slow down and to think more clearly (mostly) then Kryptonite would be a good choice to turn to. Due to its high THC content this stain is best for late afternoon or evening consumption – or if you are an experienced user you may be able to get away with medicating in small doses throughout the day.

For those who are considering a home grow for this plant you should know that they generally grow shorter and leafier – featuring some of the best of both indica and sativa lineage. These plants grow well both indoors and outdoors, even in areas which experience colder weather. Generally the plants will take around 10 weeks to flower and can produce up to 300 grams per square meter (roughly 3.3 square feet).