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Strain Review: Lemon Wreck

Sticky and Sour like Lemon Candy


This particular strain is a hybrid of Lemon Diesel and an ever popular favorite, Trainwreck. Also known as Lemon Trainwreck, this strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that truly has a lot to offer. If you are looking for a strain that gives you an all-around effect then look no further, because this strain offers the best of both worlds, mind and body.

What You Should Expect

When it comes to the look of this strain, it is not quite as fluffy as some sativas, but it is still nowhere near as condensed as some others. The base shade of green is generally a brighter and more vibrant green  – like grass green – with a plethora of orange and yellow hairs spread throughout and a light white crystal coating and pinecone shape. If it’s a wonderful aroma you’re after, then this strain is definitely going to be one to please you as the lemony scent mixes into the diesel and earthy tones perfectly.

The taste of this strain is just as satisfying as that of both its parent strains – with an immediate citrus flavor, followed up by a diesel-like aftertaste on the exhale with a mild smoke. The effects may take a little bit to catch up to you, so take it slow with this strain. With the right approach this strain will bring you to the perfect balance of body and mind buzz, relaxing and mellow and if consumed in larger quantities, sleep inducing.

Medical Benefits

The sativa benefits of this strain make it a great daytime option – but make sure that you use this strain moderately during the mornings and afternoons and it will leave you perfectly productive. However, using this strain in the evening and maybe toking a little more will ease you into your night and ready to enjoy a night of uninterrupted sleep. This is one of the biggest benefits of hybrid strains when it comes to using marijuana for medical purposes.

Lemon Wreck is an excellent option for those suffering from migraine headaches, arthritis, fibromyalgia, insomnia, anxiety and depression. For those who need to medicate throughout the day, this can be a good strain to get you through from morning until night without the need for switching it up. Unfortunately, for home growing enthusiasts there was not a lot of information available when it comes to flowering times, yields or even seeds for this strain – but if you have experience with Lemon Wreck we would love to hear it!