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Strain Review: Love Potion #9

You will fall in love with it again and again


A special occasion calls for a special kind of bud – I’m sure many of us agree on that, right? Love Potion #9 definitely falls into the category of “special” with an especially high THC percentage and a variance of effects, depending on how much you consume (and how you consume it, of course). The indica-dominant hybrid is certainly something connoisseurs will want to get their hands on, should the opportunity arise.

While the origin of Love Potion #9 is not definitively known, it is most likely a hybrid of Northern Lights #5 and Love Potion #1 – both of which are recognized as extremely potent and popular medicinal strains that have been around for quite some time. This strain may be harder to come by depending on where you’re at, but it is definitely one you will want to keep your eye out for if you’re looking for a potent medicine or something special for a special occasion.

What You Should Expect

You can tell right away, just from looking at this strain, that it is something special. The dense buds are a mixture of minty and forest greens, with almost transparent amber hairs wiring their way throughout the bud, coated in a thick blanket of white crystals. If looks alone aren’t enough to impress, this strain also has a memorable aroma that consists of an almost cheese-like base, with sweet, fruity tones and hints of earthy spice. Those scents definitely transfer when you smoke or vaporize this strain, which is known to have a flavor similar to cheese variants, with a fruity flavor blending well over it for a sweet flavor with an earthy aftertaste.

Love Potion #9 has a high THC content – an average of 26% – so it is definitely a hard-hitter, especially for those who are inexperienced. For those who toke daily, the effects may vary some depending on how much you smoke or vape at a time. Many suggest only hitting this strain once or twice if you are looking for the euphoric creative boost that will allow you to focus on the task at hand; for a more relaxed experience take a few extra hits. For some regular users, the energetic boost will come shortly after a short period of couchlock upon initially smoking/vaping.

Medical Benefits

If you’re looking to use Love Potion #9 as a medicine then you will want to consider the effects first – it’s generally a heavy-hitting strain so it is best for evening consumption (unless you’re used to medicating with strong strains throughout the day). The particular effects of this strain make it excellent for treating chronic pain and inflammation, depression and anxiety as well as PTSD and even ADD and ADHD (depending on how you use it). Patients with conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia will find it especially useful for the array of euphoric and relaxing effects it provides.

This article is for educational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to provide medical advice.