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Strain Review: MK Ultra

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Called MK Ultra after the code name given to an illegal mind control program of experiments on human subjects done by the CIA, this strain earns its moniker by being one of the heaviest hitting indica dominant hybrids on the market today. Breeders at T.H. Seeds created MK Ultra by crossing O.G. Kush and G-13 – which are two powerful indicas in their own rights. Due to its heavy cerebral and body effects, this strain is definitely one that you’re going to want to use at night, as using it during the day could leave you napping at your desk or feeling too sleepy to function. True to its mind-control name, MK Ultra is one of the strongest strains in the world, and is a favorite of indica lovers because of its hypnosis-inducing tendencies. MK Ultra clocks in at 22-25% THC.

Appearance/ Aroma/ Taste

This strain features bright green buds with red hairs and trichome crystals throughout. The intact buds of the MK Ultra strain smell pungent and earthy, with a dash of sweet. The sweetness of the buds comes out more when put them through a grinder. Do not try to break up these buds with your bare hands or they could get stuck together, much like with other sticky strains like Gorilla Glue. Users have reported that the taste of MK Ultra is similar to the scent – very earthy flavored with a hint of pleasant candy sweetness.

Medicating Effects

Medical patients and legal users have reported that the MK Ultra strain is fast-acting with minimal harshness. As stated before, this strain is one of the most powerful indicas in the world. It’s definitely not something to consume if you expect to get things done throughout the day. It’s a perfect strain to use a few hours before bedtime, allowing you to fall asleep easily and stay asleep, getting restorative rest.

Because of its hypnotic characteristics, MK Ultra is best suited to treat chronic pain, help with stress relief, and especially treat insomnia or other sleep disorders. Because of its hunger-inducing effects, patients in need of appetite stimulation could be helped by the MK Ultra strain. Users have reported successfully treating depression with this strain as well. 

Most users seem to think that this strain tends to cause dry mouth and dry eyes, so be sure to stay hydrated – especially in this summer heat. Even though the strain brings hypnotic effects and euphoria, users seem to think that paranoia and anxiety are kept to a minimal.

Have you tried MK Ultra? Is it your favorite strain? If not, what is? Let us know in the comments!

Disclaimer: This article is intended for information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to provide medical advice.