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Strain Review: Mother’s Helper

A Perfect Pick-Me-Up


For many, a high THC content is important, but sativa effects are desired to get you through the day. In these cases, a hybrid is the best option – and Mother’s Helper is probably one of the best hybrids to relieve symptoms of pain and depression while leaving you motivated and energized to take on your day.

With an average THC content of 17-22%, this hybrid is strong with the perfect balance of indica and sativa traits from parents Chocolope and a Northern Lights strain. There are many different phenotypes of this plant and you can determine if it will be indica or sativa dominant by the look of the plant (without laboratory testing, of course).

What You Should Expect

The actual buds on this plant come in a variety of shades and shapes. The sativa dominant phenotypes tend to be looser and fluffier buds with much brighter colors – generally orange hairs and resinous crystals coating the buds. With the indica dominant, you will find a similar shade of orange with a much thicker and compact bud, again covered in sticky crystals.

This is a very strong strain and it has a rather smooth taste when inhaled. While the taste and aroma aren’t quite as impressive as its looks, the effects are definitely what was desired and then some. It leaves the user feeling creative, uplifted, and energized – but the indica properties help to balance out pain, stress, and anxiety. Overall, this is a very powerful medicine and one that will work well for a number of different conditions.

Medical Benefits of Mother’s Helper

When it comes to finding a strain that works well during the day without leaving you tired, the selection can sometimes seem limited. Many people need to smoke an indica to relieve pain or inflammation, migraines, or depression – but smoking an indica won’t work during the day if you need to be able to focus and work.

This strain offers full body effects that will last for an hour or two (at least), even for most experienced users. If you are in need of a strain to start your day or one to medicate throughout the day then this would be a great balance for most individuals. When it comes to hybrid strains – which can be the best for daytime use, depending on their parentage – this one should definitely be on your list of strains to go to.