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Strain Review: NYC Diesel

A Hybrid that Has It All

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This strain is quite a rarity in that it’s a sativa dominant hybrid that offers all the right effects from both its sativa and indica genetics. A three time Cannabis Cup winner in the early 2000s, this strain by Soma Seeds is a cross between an Afghani male and a Mexican sativa female that made its way out west from the Big Apple.

What You Should Expect

NYC Diesel is quite a showy strain as it is vibrant in colors – ranging from olive green to deep purple, light blue and a yellow green in a single bud. Often it is covered in amber or yellow-orange hairs and an almost golden dusting of crystals that make the buds extremely sticky. The buds are looser like a sativa strain ought to be and the aroma is one you can smell through almost any bag or as soon as you open an airtight container.

The scent is that of grapefruit with a hint of spice – and the taste is just as satisfying, starting off with a citrus fruit-like flavor on the inhale and leaving you with an almost spicy, piney aftertaste on the exhale. When it comes to the effects, this strain’s THC content ranges between 15-20% on average and hits you within a few seconds of inhaling. You will likely feel energized and euphoric with a strong cerebral high initially, followed by a body buzz that will ease most minor aches and pains.

Medical Benefits

When considering this strain for medicating, you will want to keep in mind that this is a hybrid with sativa dominant effects – making it a perfect strain for starting off your day. If you are looking for something to help you get up and going, a few puffs of NYC Diesel will likely do the trick. However, over-doing it can bring on more of the indica effects and leave you in a much less productive, relaxed and sleepy state. This strain is definitely a day-time favorite among many, when used in moderation.

Conditions that this strain may be most helpful for include anxiety and depression – because unlike many sativa dominant strains, this particular hybrid lacks feelings of paranoia (unless extremely over-used). The euphoric and focused state that it provides is perfect for people trying to combat these two mental illnesses as well as PTSD. The indica like effects that come on later – especially as you start to come down – are perfect for people looking for relief from minor aches and pains and may lessen chronic pain, allowing for a productive day while staying medicated.