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Strain Review: Skywalker

The Ultimate Strain for Any Jedi

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With the release of the new Star Wars movie I couldn’t resist covering another strain named after the much loved fandom. Skywalker is actually only one strain with this name – it often gets confused for Skywalker OG, which originated in California, while this version of the Skywalker strain was bred from the strains Blueberry and Mazar by Amsterdam’s Dutch Passion Seeds.

What You Should Expect

This is a hybrid strain that is indica dominant with a higher THC content – it definitely manages to get the job done! The buds themselves are often a brighter shade of green with orange hairs and frosted white sticky crystals coating it similar to its Blueberry parentage. When it comes to the aroma you will likely notice the fruity undertones of the Blueberry along with the earthy undertones of the Mazar.

If you’re one who has to have a tasty bud then this is a strain you will definitely enjoy. It presents a taste that is quite on par with the wonderful scent it gives off – sweet and earthy. For those who prefer a smoother smoke or vapor then this is a strain you should try out, it medicates well with little cough or irritation even for the most inexperienced consumers.

Along with the smooth inhale you get with this strain you will find that medicating effects are practically immediate and can last up to a couple of hours. It offers a heavy, relaxed feeling but it doesn’t leave you so stoned you’re ready to knock out at 4pm.

Medical Benefits of Skywalker

Choosing a strain for medicinal purposes can be difficult – most strains have similar properties based on whether or not they are an indica or a sativa dominant plant – but these effects are not standard and some plants work better for some than for others. When it comes to medicating with Skywalker you will find it offers a relaxed feel that leaves you worry-free (or at least ready to handle those worries with confidence).

This is definitely a strain that is best suited for those who need to medicate for pain management due to arthritis or joint pain – it also works wonders for people who suffer from migraines whether they are regular or not. If you are looking for a good evening time smoke then this is probably one of the best to choose from – but inexperienced users should look for a less powerful indica or a sativa strain to start the day with.

When it comes to the plants themselves they are shorter and bushier – which makes them an excellent option for those who plan to grow their own bud. Thanks to the Blueberry strain Skywalker has a great aroma and great flavor as well as dense buds – and thanks to the Mazar you will find that these plants grow rather quickly and offer a generous yield each and every harvest.