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Strain Review: Star Flight


Yet another spectacular achievement of modern cannabis breeding, Star Flight is a hybrid of two hybrids: StarDawg and Snow Lotus. These strain names sound like mutants from X-Men, and combined together their effects and taste are uncanny. StarDawg delivers an energetic sativa effect while Snow Lotus rounds it out with an indica dominant hybrid. The two mutant strains form like Voltron and StarFlight is the perfectly balanced head. If there was a royal lineage of modern cannabis breeding achievements, StarFlight could be the next King. We’ll break down the lineage of StarDawg and Snow Lotus individually, and then discuss the scent, taste and effect of the StarFlight hybrid.

StarDawg is a Sativa dominant (ChemDawg 4X Tres Dawg) hybrid with some distant Indica effects. Chem Dawg 4 obviously comes from the same line of popular Chem Dawg strains that have seen much prominence in recent years. Chem Dawg’s origins are clouded in shadow, but most breeders and cannabis enthusiasts believe that Chem Dawg original came from the same extended family as industry staples OG Kush and Sour Diesel. While most true Chem Dawg features a diesel scent can typically be smelled across the room, StarDawg’s aroma is a bit subtler. This in turn increases the awesomeness of the StarFlight hybrid.

Snow Lotus is an Indica dominant (Afgoo X Blockhead) hybrid. Snow Lotus’ parents are originally an Afgooey female and a Blockhead male, both of which also have a prestigious lineage. Afgooey of course belongs to the longstanding OG Afghan variety. The original Afghani strain was widely known as a strong indica Afghani female crossed with a haze sativa father that featured sweet, earthy scents and produced a very calming and potent effect.

Put together, these two strains deliver sour and spicy flavors on the palate, with hints of apples and pine. StarFlight’s aroma is a mixture of earthy, spicy, and fruity with a dash of diesel. Medical patients report that StarFlight’s medicated effect is energetic yet relaxing, but not too cloudy. Many users say that they have had less paranoia and anxiety when medicating with StarFlight while still getting the pain relief that they need from medical cannabis. StarFlight lives up to its name, as users say it has a tendency to be motivating and uplifting. This makes StarFlight a great strain for treating chronic pain, depression, anxiety and PTSD.

For all of these reasons, StarFlight is a cannabis fan favorite. Is StarFlight your favorite strain? If not, what is? Let us know and maybe we’ll do a review on it!