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Strain Review: Strawberry Cough


Strawberry Cough is a get up and go sativa that gives you clarity and focus. It’s perfect for those who need to do a creative task, or just need a boost to help you tidy the house or garden.

When you squeeze the bud to release the terpenes, the strawberry smell is incredible. It’s like the smell of strawberry flavoured candies rather than a real strawberry, but that sweet smell is not something that you normally get in other strains. It’s clear where the name comes from.

The buds are far from dense. This is common with sativa dominant strains. As we become more aware of the different strains on the market and the variety of the types of buds we can get ahold of, the “bag appeal” of big juicy nugs becomes a lot less important. Maybe the taste and smell are of little importance and more of a novelty. What is important is the effect upon consumption.

They say that the effects of cannabis are contextual to the setting you consume it in. So to put things in context, it’s morning and I’m listening to some chilled out downtempo music and sitting in my living room. It’s a sunny day outside and I’m relaxed and stress free. What I need is a little something to gee me up and to give a creative boost for a brainstorm I’m about to do for a proposal on a talk at an upcoming cannabis event. Let’s see if this bowl of Strawberry Cough does the trick.

The taste is like a very subtle strawberry candy. It didn’t make me feel like I wanted to cough so I assume the name comes from cough sweets.

Almost instantly I started to feel lighter in my head. In the time it took me to walk from the back porch to my sofa in the living room, my perception had changed dramatically. The same music had morphed into a Balearic, acidy, dreamy track which perfectly suited the mildly euphoric, yet focused, state I was in. It was like the sun had turned it up a notch and the view of trees through the side window was enticing me to move outside.

I fought the urge and got a big sheet of paper and pens to start my brainstorm. I did open the windows though. Very quickly my focus shifted to the task at hand. I paused for a long while before deciding to write a title for the presentation. I was very happy with it and it gave me the definition I needed to continue.

My creativity was pulling out thoughts and realisations from the past. You know, those “that’s it!” moments you get some nights after a strong hit, but you’ve completely forgotten the point the next morning? It seems they are cached someplace in your brain and Strawberry Cough is the key to release them.

I got stuck into my brainstorm. In the end I planned out not only the presentation I needed to do, but my next book! The main sections and sub sections are all mapped out. It’s a task I’d been wanting to do for a while and I finally just did it thanks to a few tokes of Strawberry Cough.

Having previously fought the urge to go outside, I treated myself. On the way out I had a craving for some fruit. As luck would have it, there were some fresh strawberries in the fridge and they tasted divine. The coldness of the fruit was in stark contrast to a memory that popped into my head of eating a sun warmed freshly picked strawberry on an organic farm. Timing was spot on as I was just passing a patch of land I had cleared but not yet decided what to grow there. It’d make the ideal spot for a strawberry patch!

I checked in on the greenhouse, watered some plants and set to work on a video diary I’m making. The added creativity the high gave me allowed some nice camera angles and the narration was fun to do whilst in this mood.

In this setting and given the tasks I wanted to achieve this morning, Strawberry Cough has been a perfect match. It gives you a boost like a strong dose of coffee, only without the jitters. It’s good to find an active sativa like this that does not leave you feeling overwhelmed. (According to Dutch Passion’s seed page, it is 80% sativa and 20% indica.)

To sum up, Strawberry Cough is a fruity, daytime weed that’ll help those feeling the blues. It motivates you to do creative tasks (or dull tasks creatively) and enhances light, tastes and music. I found it helped me make connections in my brain that I thought were long forgotten. These pieced together on the fly to speed up the creative process. It’s definitely a strain I would like to try my hand at growing and not one I would like to be without in my stash box.