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Strain Review: Super Skunk

Young Striped Skunk in roadside ditch

This is a really unique strain as it is what is considered a “super strain”. What that basically means is that one plant – the Skunk #1 – was a hybrid that was cross-bred with one of its parent strains – which is Afghanistan. This in turn made on incredibly pungent strain with some exceptional effects – it truly has a lot to bring to the table.

A quick mention from a review I read on medicaljane.com – you might be interested to find out that this strain is actually a sibling strain to Cheese, which has the same parent strains as Skunk #1. You can read their whole review and the interesting history they learned here.

What You Should Expect

As if being a super strain wasn’t enough to begin with Super Skunk is a dominantly indica (80% to be exact) and it definitely packs a punch. The aroma alone is something to take notice of – it has a sweet, skunky smell that actually is quite similar to its sibling strain Cheese. The buds themselves are generally a darker green and very dense and chunky.

When it comes to consuming this strain is surprisingly smooth and has a sweet taste that catches most off guard when compared to the smell. As for the effects – it’s everything you expect out of an indica (and then some). It gives you a relaxed, kind of airy buzz that reduces stress almost immediately.

Medical Benefits of Super Skunk

If you are looking for a strain to medicate for any type of pain – whether it be R.A, an old injury or anything of the like this strain has got you covered. It is also extremely beneficial when it comes to reducing inflammation and migraines thanks to its predominantly indica effects of this exceptional hybrid. Many cancer patients as well as glaucoma patients have found great relief in this strain as well.

You are likely to use this as an evening medication unless you have a higher tolerance – it doesn’t take much of the Super Skunk to get you where you need to be. For those who medicate often throughout the day you will like the fact that this strain’s effects generally last a couple of hours.

When it comes to the “grow your own” route you will find that these plants grow shorter and “stalkier” – perfect for growing in almost any home setting whether you have a house or apartment with limited space. It takes roughly 45-50 days (5-6 weeks) on average to flower once planted and it offers a generous crop with just about every harvest.