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Med-X, Inc. Aiming to Correct the Course of Cannabis in America with New Insecticidal Soil

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LOS ANGELES, Jan. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — As of late, despite its nagging presence on the Federal Schedule I Substance list, cannabis reform has been sweeping the country. Thirty-nine of 50 states have some sort of cannabis law on the books to legalize the medical side, and four states: Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington as well as the District of Columbia, have completely adopted its legalization. As those remaining states begin to see the massive tax benefits legalization brings, and the medical uses of cannabis are better understood, it won’t be long until cannabis is rescheduled or outright legalized federally.

The medical cannabis industry remains one of the least understood and least developed markets out there, mostly because of its questionable legality. This issue of legality not only touches the sale, cultivation, and transportation of cannabis, but also every part of the medical cannabis industry chain. The hurdles surrounding cannabis affect research and development, distribution of product, cultivation equipment production, and even what kind of information about cannabis is accessible to the public.

Clearly, this difference in legality, state by state, causes havoc at every level of the medical cannabis industry. But despite its current limitations, medical cannabis is still a multi-billion dollar industry. There’s no denying that Americans want their cannabis and are willing to support the market even through all of these hurdles.
But what happens after cannabis has been legalized? When the federal government does finally take the step to legalize cannabis, there will be a void created as states scramble to handle the quickly budding market. At Med-X, Inc. their management believes the first step needs to be better oversight and regulation, while focusing within the greater industry.

Med-X has already taken steps to handle post-legalization America, and they’re doing it by creating a company that can handle every aspect of the medical cannabis industry. Whether it’s cultivation, research and development, or information, Med-X is building a business for the future of cannabis.

One of the ways the management at Med-X is accomplishing this is through a total overhaul of what people consider a cannabis company to be. Mostly, when people think of the cannabis industry, they see farmers in the mountains of California protecting their crops with guns, or the lonely drug dealers that haunt apartment complexes slinging something from Mexico; there’s a real disconnect between what the cannabis industry was and what it will be. By tackling the cannabis industry from a centralized standpoint, we can control each link in the cannabis supply chain, positively altering the entire industry.

For example, take their first flagship product, Nature-Cide All-Purpose Insecticide. Developed as a completely non-toxic insecticide alternative developed for the cultivation of cannabis, the formula is safe to use from sprout to harvest, indoor or outdoor. They developed it to be 100% safe and the only pesticide a cannabis cultivator will need. By producing a product that is effective and safe as well as cost-effective, we strongly encourage the industry to choose our formula and produce better, healthier plant life. However, we don’t just stop there.

Med-X is also engulfed in research and development of the cannabis industry just as much as it’s in the cannabis information industry, and that means we keep innovating to improve on each link in the cannabis chain. This is why after multiple cultivation tests, in Q3 of this year, “we are releasing a new all natural insecticidal soil, our special proprietary blend refined through research. The soil protects the roots of the plant from pests while producing the kinds of crop yields cultivators hope for and expect,” states co-founder and COO Matthew Mills.

“Both the insecticidal soil and the Nature-Cide All Purpose Insecticide are safe to use with any kind of cultivation project, but they were developed specifically to satisfy each step of cannabis cultivation. By providing exceptional products that have been proven safe and natural, we can ensure cannabis gets grown to our particular standards and expectations for excellence,” states Mills.

The final, and perhaps most important, step that they have taken with Med-X is to open the company to the consumers. Medical cannabis is foremost a medicine, and they are developing this company to be consumer facing from day one. “The biggest and best way we can show our commitment to the people who need medical cannabis is through our current equity crowdfunding initiative on StartEngine,” states CEO Dr. David Toomey.

“As soon as the SEC released its final ruling on equity crowdfunding regulations set forth in the JOBS Act, we knew that it would be a great opportunity to involve and support our consumers. Equity crowdfunding through StartEngine allows us to build knowledge of our company and our initiative, raise capital to serve our consumers, and offer exciting, potentially life-changing investments to our biggest supporters. Though we have only been campaigning for a short period of time, we’ve already received in excess of $1 Million in indicated interest to invest from over 600 individuals. While this is certainly exciting news on the capital front, we feel it’s most important because it shows a real connection has been established with our consumers,” states Dr. Toomey.

That connection, whether it was made through products, the crowdfunding campaign, the information they distribute through The Marijuana Times, or through their commitment to satisfying patients, is the most important benchmark of success for this team of professionals. “These connections, and the support they bring, show us that we are moving in the right direction with Med-X, and give us hope for our and the industry’s future. With your support we can continue to shape a better future for medical cannabis, its cultivators, and its consumers,” states Dr. Toomey.

For more information please visit https://www.startengine.com/startup/med-x or follow us on Twitter, Facebook.


Med-X, Inc. is a Nevada corporation formed in February 2014 to cultivate and support the fast paced emerging cannabis industry through such activities as compound identification and extraction of the identified cannabidiol (CBD) compounds for the present medical industry demand. The company also plans to create and publish high quality cannabis industry media content through the company’s online media platform, www.marijuanatimes.org to generate revenue from advertisers as well as sell industry related merchandise to patients and consumers. The company is also gearing up to supply products to the cannabis agricultural and provisioning industries through manufacturing partnerships. For more information regarding Med-X, please visit www.medx-rx.com, email info@medx-rx.com or call 818-349-2870.


StartEngine is the premier equity crowdfunding platform, connecting entrepreneurs and aspiring investors with tomorrow’s progressive companies. Based in Los Angeles, the company was created in 2013 by Howard Marks, co-founder of Activision, and Ron Miller. StartEngine aims to revolutionize the startup business model by helping individuals invest in private companies on a public platform for the first time in history, thereby helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Learn more at http://www.startengine.com.


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