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Strain Review: Sweet Tooth

A Tempting Treat


When it comes to marijuana you really can’t go wrong with a Cannabis Cup winner – and the Sweet Tooth strain won first place in 2001 and placed two more times in following years. This strain is a hybrid strain, bred from Afghanistan, Hawaiian and Nepal – it offers strong indica effects with “just enough sativa to keep you awake” – clearly a strong medicine.

What You Should Expect

This award winning strain really lives up to its name with a thick sugary coating of trichromes – not only on the buds but often on the flowers and stalk of the plant as well. There is a memorably sweet aroma that to this strain that is somewhat a mixture of berries and musk. These bright green buds often have peach colored hairs throughout the compact and dense buds.

When it comes to taste you will not be disappointed. It offers a light taste compared to other indica strains and it leaves a sweet “candy like” aftertaste that lingers. Once consumed the effects don’t take long to set in – this strain offers a full body high that relieves both pain and anxiety in one fell swoop. People who medicate with Sweet Tooth often report a pleasant, uplifted and extremely creative high – but with the extremely heavy effects of the indica parentage right along with it, generally lasting up to 2-3 hours.

Medical Benefits of Sweet Tooth

If you’re considering Sweet Tooth as a medication then you will like to know that it works amazing for a vast number of ailments due to its hybrid nature. Most commonly it is used to treat chronic pain, migraine headaches, nausea, glaucoma, anxiety and depression. The strain being 80% indica is able to treat most conditions with great effectiveness – the 20% sativa genetics allow you to stay awake through your buzz and avoid a terrible case of couchlock.

For those who consider growing their own this is a good strain to choose – especially for those of us who have problems with patience… This strain generally flowers in 8-10 weeks, though it has been known to flower as soon as 7-8 weeks. You will find that these plants follow the indica look, not growing rather tall, but very bushy with small and dense buds, as mentioned earlier with the entire plant covered in the sugary crystals for which it was named.

Overall, this is an excellent medication and if you can get it consistently or grow it yourself it is definitely capable of medicating for many needs, while allowing you to go about your day (as long as your to-do list isn’t too long).