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The Future of Cannabis is CBG: What You Need to Know

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Cannabis is often considered a medicine, and rightfully so. But we all know it comes with various good and bad compounds. There are hundreds of cannabinoids, with THC and CBD being just two examples. These cannabinoids can have very different effects on the body, some good and some bad. Here is an example of a lesser-known cannabinoid called CBG or cannabigerol acid. It’s most commonly found in raw cannabis plant material. The plant will often convert it into tetrahydrocannabinolic acid or THC-A before spreading it out to the buds to be consumed by humans.

The good news is that CBG has little or no THC associated with it, which is excellent news for those trying to eat healthier while indulging in the occasional cannabis plant. What it means is that CBG does not cause a “high” like CBD and other cannabinoids do. It is often associated with more sedating effects because of how the body reacts. This is because CBG is a precursor to THC and has strong anti-inflammatory effects, which can help with various ailments. Many individuals are already taking a higher dosage of CBG than is typically found in the bud due to its ability to aid in reducing different ailments. This means they can get the benefits of cannabinoids without getting high at all. There is also research being done that suggests that it could potentially have far greater medical uses than any other cannabinoids currently available on the market like releafcbd.com

Potential Benefits of CBG and Why Brands Should Pay Attention:

1. Anti-Inflammatory: CBG has been shown to reduce the levels of different inflammatory compounds in the body without affecting other cannabinoids. This means it can be used for those who suffer from inflammation in the body, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Some studies have already been done in mice that suggest that CBG is more effective at controlling inflammation than THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids have ever been shown to do so.

2. Helping the Body Heal: CBG has also shown itself to help heal the body and promote overall wellness. This is a big deal because it could potentially be used to help those suffering from migraines, depression, joint pain, and more. The anti-inflammatory properties are believed to aid in the healing process faster than other cannabinoids and medicines currently on the market.

3. Anti-Cancer: CBG has also been shown to slow the growth of cancer cells. This is helpful, especially for those who want to stop future cancer development, but it’s also suitable for those who want to get rid of a lot of their cancer cells. The CBG will help the body eliminate these cells by reducing the size and growth rate without having any psychoactive effects.

4. Anti-Alzheimer’s: CBG has also been shown to be able to reduce the levels of dopamine in the brain. This is good for those who want to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, as it will help keep their brain as healthy as possible. There are not a lot of other cannabinoids on the market today that can do this, and it shows that it could potentially play a key role in preventing the disease.

Taking Advantage of the Future of Cannabis:

While many people are already taking a higher dosage of CBG than is typically found in the bud, there are even more interested in doing so. The cannabis industry is growing, and the benefits of cannabinoids will only continue to become mainstream. When it comes to buying your cannabis products, make sure you get the ones that contain CBG in them. This will help you achieve all the benefits that have been discussed here as well as others that have yet to be discovered. It will also help you save money because it won’t cost nearly as much as other cannabinoids. CBG is often found in strains considered “top shelf,” which means they are much more likely to be found in your local dispensary. You’ll also see many more brands pop up with products specifically made for those who want to take higher doses of CBG than what is typically sold in cannabis products.


While this is one cannabinoid you probably won’t find in a lot of cannabis products now, there is reason to believe that it will be the next big thing in dispensaries across the country. With all the different ailments that CBG can help with and its potential medical uses, it’s no surprise that more and more people are taking advantage of this substance.

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