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The Future of the Vaping Industry

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Vaporizing, or “vaping” as it is commonly known, will be a big part of the future of tens of millions of people. It is already a part of many people’s lives, whether they are cannabis users looking for a healthier way to ingest or tobacco users who are trying to get away from the deadly poison contained in cigarettes.

But what might the future of the vaping industry look like?

Versatility and Convenience

Just like every other industry in the free market, vaping companies – after complying with regulations – must strive to meet the needs of their customers. Since the vaping market is relatively new, many companies have to formulate a plan and hope they’ve made the right call.

“We’re going in the direction of convenience, discretion, and all-in-one use,” Steven Stanimirovic, CEO / Co-Founder of Vaportronix  told The Marijuana Times. Vaportronix is one of the leading companies in the emerging cannabis vaping industry and the innovator of the VQase, a cell phone case that contains a vape pen. “Our goal is to provide our customers with the most convenient and discreet way of vaping, whether it’s from our cell phone case or just having a very small and inconspicuous vape stick, like our VQStick.”


The goal of vape companies is to provide the best experience; that means also creating new cartridges and keeping up with industry demands.

“We’re currently raising more capital and doing everything we can to create new cartridges to keep up with the industry. We are expanding our product lines to include a dry herb cartridge and pre-filled cartridges alongside our  empty cartridges. We’re trying to cover every aspect of this industry, whether it’s clean cartridges, pre-filled with marijuana oil or pre-filled with e-liquid.”

Many companies, like Vaportronix, see two of the keys to the future of the vaping industry being versatility and convenience. Like the smartphones that the VQase covers, vaporizers will have to cater to a population that is constantly on the go and expects results quickly and without much hassle. When it comes to medical marijuana, vaping has incredible potential to deliver exact dosing for those who depend on it to relieve various ailments. Medical cannabis will encompass a huge market on its own, but one day it will be dwarfed by another market, one that has just started to emerge in the last few years.

Adult Use Marijuana Vaping

The emergence of what will one day be a massive legal adult use marijuana market means the vaping industry will ride the wave that comes with an influx of millions of new customers.

“The opening of adult recreational use will dramatically enhance our industry. The marijuana part of this industry is getting bigger and bigger. That part of the industry allows for lots of innovations because the user has many different options, from vaporizing herbs directly or oils or wax. As of today there’s always a different machine for it and we’re trying to do all of this from one machine,” Steven told us.

Even in recreationally legal states, customers prefer to be discreet out of respect for other people in the community. 


“I was recently in Los Angeles and…as free as L.A. is with marijuana, I still felt kind of disrespectful as I walked down the street smoking joints because the odor and the smell, but it’s really different when you have the vaporizer. It’s instant, you’re there, it takes a few seconds, it’s not lingering, it’s not in your hand. I think it’s…a solution for all of us and it’s only going to get better, “ explains Stanimirovic. 

As legal, adult use marijuana expands across the United States, so too will cannabis vaping. The days of hiding cannabis use are almost over and millions of people will be openly looking for the best, most convenient way to ingest legal marijuana.

The Future of Branding

Branding is an important part of any industry and the marijuana vaping industry will be no different. While companies like Vaportronix direct capital towards innovation and technology, Intellectual Property and Licensing will continue to offer vaporizer companies more business opportunities. And vaporizer companies will continue to look to celebrities to get their name out there and stand out from the pack.

Whether it’s Pax getting their vapes featured in the TV show Broad City or Tommy Chong partnering with Cloud Vapes to bring his own line to market, celebrities and vaping companies are a natural fit.  From Snoop Dogg’s G Pen to future products coming from the Canadian comedy trio The Trailer Park Boys, celebrities hooking up with companies to produce vapes and other cannabis hardware will be commonplace in the future vaping industry.

The Future Comes Quickly

When it comes right down to it, the future of the cannabis vaping industry is already emerging, thanks to the loosening of laws in the U.S. and Canada. Companies are already in the game and battling for market share in an industry where there isn’t a lot of history to fall back on. They are all feeling their way around and figuring out the best way to serve the customer.

More competition will result in more variety and better choices when it comes to vaping and that can only benefit cannabis consumers.