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The Parachute Pill

Flickr @ Moheen Reeyad

If you follow the cannabis community you have probably heard the following two things: horror stories about people who have ingested too much of an edible and spend hours being way higher than they are comfortable with and the mitigating effects that CBD has on THC.

A man in Michigan named Steve Goldner is combining these two things in the form of a “parachute pill” whose main ingredient is cannabidiol (CBD), designed to help cannabis users come down from being “too high”.

Goldner is perhaps most well-known for creating liquid methadone in the 1970s to help combat opioid addiction. Now, he hopes to help cannabis users under his brand, Pure Green.

“People take edibles and then they get too high – it can be pretty dreadful,” he said. “CBD is a tremendous ameliorator.”

The pill itself is ingested by placing it under the tongue, a quick delivery method that allows the pill to begin working in under 5 minutes – something that can be very beneficial to someone suffering from an overabundance of anxiety.

Goldner got his processing license in Michigan in September of last year and has launched several products, the latest of which – Parachute – came out in June.

There is no doubt that every cannabis user has a point at which they will feel “too high” – but that point can be wildly different from user to user based on tolerance and potency and ingestion method of the product.

The great thing about cannabis legalization is choice. You can choose to ingest cannabis legally and you can choose the way to ingest it (in theory) and if you feel too high, the market allows for products that can address that consumer demand as well.

And in the end, the market will decide what products survive based on that demand. Of course, a little forethought can mitigate a lot of problems down the road. When it comes to edibles, go slow and don’t fall into the “these edibles aren’t working” trap. Know the dosage if you can; if not, start small and wait to see what happens.

No matter what happens, you’re not going to die from a marijuana overdose, so try to keep that in mind. But if you want to keep some CBD handy just in case, it couldn’t hurt.

Cannabis is about relaxing and enjoying a myriad of medical benefits, not feeling anxious or worse. Finding your tolerance level is key to enjoying cannabis.