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The Puffco Peak is a Worthwhile Summit

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The Puffco Peak is an electrical ring that is very convenient and efficient in such a way that it is highly portable. It has a rechargeable nail which has four heat settings with a removable ceramic bowl for the dabbing surface. The Puffco Peak has intelligent temperature calibration, which regulates temperature and ensures an equal temperature throughout the entire use period. It provides a very consistent experience during repeated use or sesh-mode.

Some other key features of the Puffco Peak include:

– 20 second heat time

– 30-day duration

– Only 2 hours needed for charging time

– LED light band

– Compatible with wax

– Four heat settings

– Intelligent temperature calibration

– Shesh-mode functionality

– Water filtration


The Puffco Peak is reviewed and has a unique, pyramid-like shape. It is 7 inches tall with a base of about 2.75 inches, which makes it very efficient and highly portable. It has a battery that takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge and it lasts for about 30 hits – making it very convenient when sharing.

The Puffco Peak has a single button that controls the device. It has temperature feedback that is delivered by a changing spectrum of light from the LED ring that wraps around the lower pedestal.

This device has a hand-blown glass chamber on its top, which provides room for water filtration and vapor diffusion while the Peak is in use through a dome-style percolator. It also has a banger-hanger ring that is very common to many dabbers.

How is the Puffco Peak used?

The Puffco Peak is very simple to use, however, if you haven’t used it yet and don’t know how to go about it, here are a few simple steps on how to use the Peak.

Step 1. Put water in the bubbler. After that, attach it to the base.

Step 2. Hold the power button down to unlock the device. Then, click it to cycle through the four temperature settings.

Step 3. Dab your wax into the receptacle, which you will then have to cover with the carb cap.

Step 4. Click the power button twice to start the heating process. The best thing about the Puffco Peak is that it will tell you when it’s ready. After the heating process begins, the Peak will put on a light show, and then vibrate when ready.

Step 5. After the peak is ready, all you have to do is inhale from the mouthpiece which will give you a revolutionary vaping experience.

How Does the Peak Compare with Other Dab Setups?

The Peak will give you an amazing dabbing experience unlike anything you have ever experienced before – and all this comes without needing a torch as it is battery charged and also portable so you can take it with you anywhere.

The Peak also gives you variations for dabbing, such as: 450AF for small dabs, SOOAF for medium-sized, SSOAF for more massive globs and BOOAF for oversized loads. If you want a setup that will give you the best experience and is still very reliable, then I would recommend that you opt for the Puffco Peak.