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The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2017 Has Been Introduced


About a week ago, a handful of lawmakers who call themselves the “Congressional Cannabis Caucus” announced that they intend to introduce legislation that would help protect the cannabis industry from a Department of Justice run by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Their announcement was just prior to his confirmation – but they believe that his being Attorney General could actually help push some lawmakers into feeling the same urgency to pass such legislation.

As promised, one of those congressmen  – Dana Rohrabacher of California  – has introduced the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2017. This bill was previously introduced twice before, in 2013 and 2015, and didn’t gain enough support either time to make it very far. This time, however, with the uncertainty surrounding how the federal government is going to move forward in handling the cannabis industry – the bill may find more support.

“This is commonsense legislation that is long overdue,” said Robert Capecchi, director of federal policies for the Marijuana Policy Project. “It is time to end marijuana prohibition at the federal level and give states the authority to determine their own policies.

There is hope that more legislators will be more inclined to protect an industry that improves lives for patients in medical marijuana states and has entirely ended prohibition in others. Both types of industries have created countless jobs and brought in millions in tax revenue that would have gone straight into the black market otherwise. If the government isn’t ready to change their minds on prohibition, they should at least protect the states’ rights to enact their own laws.

“States throughout the country are effectively regulating and controlling marijuana for medical or broader adult use,” Capecchi said. “Federal tax dollars should not be wasted on arresting and prosecuting people who are following their state and local laws.”

Basically, the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act would prevent the Department of Justice from pursuing cannabis-related cases in states where marijuana is legal, as long as people are operating within the laws in their respective state. With everything that’s going on, many of us are hoping that this piece of legislation will gain the support it needs to be passed – and that, if it does pass, Trump would be ready and willing to sign it into law.

If that were to happen, states could continue to operate as they have – and others would be able to consider legalization with less worries since there will be something binding in place that says the federal government will keep their opinions to themselves and let the states make their own decisions when it comes to cannabis.


  1. I live in Pennsylvania which is extremely “retarded” on the cannabis subject, ” super corrupt set to punish marijuana users with ofcourse, rediculous fines like the one i got for a misdemeanor marijuana possesion of $1600!!! PA is full of retard corrupt hicks that tried to deport my wife for it too!!! I hope one day i can file a HUGE lawsuit for the stress they put me through. My wife, never jailed before spent 11 days locked up on a ice lock! While the immigration scumbag that wanted ti deport her kept rubbing it in like he was happy to ruin me by telling me over n over that hes deporting my wife! Oh boy will i try to get them back for all that heart ache for the rest if my life and i wont die till i do!!! I hope someone reads this who can help me or atleast give some advice

  2. Why do you fail to mention that Trump could easily veto this insane bill? The bill is useless and insane. The Department of Justice has and should keep the right to enforce Federal Drug Laws.

  3. Martin I live in Pennsylvania too. PA is a tale of territories. The central part of the state is the most backward, redneck part, followed by the northeastern part, northwestern (like erie), west (pittsburgh).
    I can only recommend movement to the more enlightened areas (and the best weather PA offers), like near philadelphia suburbs. Ive been around the state and the southeastern part of the state around philadelphia and philly suburbs are the most weed friendly areas by far.

  4. This is a great idea. I remember Trump defending medical marijuana on O’Reilly during the primaries when most Republican candidates tack hard right. But who knows? Never thought he’d appoint such hardasses for his cabinet. But, how else to get the rest of his policies enacted? I hope marijuana doesn’t end up being the bargaining chip or political soccer ball it was during the Obama years. Not sure why he didn’t LEGALIZE IT when he had all Dem majority for a year? Ugh.

  5. sessions reminds me of the characters in the Reefer Madness movie .Spewing how the evil weed is going to drive the world mad. Sit down ,and shut up , maybe have a brownie or two . You can wash it down with a lil Russian vodka. He’s an outta touch relic who hopefully is going to get all jammed up with his BULLSHIT meetings with the Russians ,one can only hope.