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Three Marijuana Strains That Are Perfect for Valentine’s Day


Cannabis may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Valentine’s Day. But whether you are spending the day with a partner, friends, or by yourself, a little bit of cannabis consumption can add a special twist to the day. Some studies have indicated that cannabis can have an aphrodisiac effect, and many marijuana strains are known to give users a sense of euphoria and relaxation. There are also countless edibles you can make or buy instead of traditional chocolate or sweets. No matter how you plan to spend Valentine’s Day, here are three strains to explore to make the day even sweeter. 

Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9 is an indica-dominant hybrid strain perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day. The THC levels of this strain can be as high as 26%. It was created by crossing the popular Northern Lights with Love Potion #5. The taste is often described as similar to honey, but some users report hints of fruit or a sweet milky flavor. The aroma mirrors the taste and is a sweet fruity cheese smell with some deep, earthy undertones. Patients who medicate with Love Potion #9 describe its effects as hard-hitting, with heavy body relaxation and a sense of giggly euphoria. While some consumers report feeling couch-locked, others describe a balance between a sense of calm and uplifting energy. Whether you plan to spend V-Day alone or with a partner, Love Potion #9 can help add a little fun to the day. 

Blueberry Trainwreck

Blueberry Trainwreck is often referred to as Blue Train or Blue Trainwreck. It is a sativa-dominant marijuana strain with THC levels of approximately 18%. Blueberry Trainwreck was made by crossing Blueberry with Trainwreck, giving the strain both its pungent flavor and name. The taste of Blueberry Trainwreck is exactly what one would expect, with sweet blueberry flavors and a hint of earth. The smell is quite distinct as well, and this strain smells strongly of blueberry with a slightly sour and skunky aroma. Many Blueberry Trainwreck users report feeling the aphrodisiac effects of this strain, making it a great choice for a romantic Valentine’s Day. 

Chocolate Kush

Chocolate Kush is a great spin on the traditional chocolate that is often associated with Valentine’s Day. It is a potent indica strain with THC levels of around 17%. Chocolate Kush is a cross between Chocolope and Kosher Kush. Both the aroma and taste are a sweet blend of coffee and chocolate with hints of vanilla and skunky undertones. Users who have tried Chocolate Kush describe the effects as a feeling of physical relaxation with a burst of creative energy and euphoria.