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To The Fans of Cannabis News: Happy 420

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“The show is part of my daily routine at MJT as I upload the videos to our YouTube channel and Vimeo, and then publish them on the site. I love that we have the video news segment to round out the content we offer our readers/viewers and I think it gives them another option for how they get their cannabis news and stay current with what is going on in the industry. I think you do an amazing job of gathering stories that are everything from entertaining to impactful.” – Amanda Safran, Editor, The Marijuana Times

Can you believe it? Eighty-four weeks of content, 5 days a week, and here we are at 420 episodes (see the full episode below)!

On November 6, 2017, the first episode of Cannabis News dropped for the world to see. I’m not sure what I expected beyond it being the first of many shows, hopefully. The Internet is a weird and vast place and many programs don’t show any growth at all. But in a little over a year and a half, we have built a nice little community of viewers/listeners and for that, I am thankful.

Most of you consume the show either via YouTube (video) or Apple Podcasts (audio). But no matter how the show reaches you, you are helping spread the truth about cannabis. The cannabis law reform movement at its core is millions of different people doing thousands of things. In the age of the Internet, one of those things – and one of the most effective cumulatively – is sharing shows and articles about cannabis on social media and through things like message boards.

In the end, the milestone of 420 episodes is an excuse to thank all of you who follow the show. We are working our way into the consciousness of viewers on platforms like YouTube, and hopefully making some think about an issue that shouldn’t be an issue to begin with.

As I’ve often said, I’d love to be able to not talk about cannabis legalization. I’d like to sit back and do bong and edible reviews and stream live from Phish concerts. But unfortunately, I think there will always be a need for someone to talk about these issues, even if it is just to work to improve already-passed legalization laws.

And why shouldn’t that someone be me? I’ll be here as long as I have a voice and things that need to be said. You won’t always agree with me, and I don’t expect you to. But I do want you to think, because without the ability to think through issues, we are nothing more than easy prey for those who want to control us.

Here’s to 420 more and beyond!

“Our readers love you, Joe! They appreciate your passion and focus on the issues that really matter like legalization, economics and social justice. You are the voice of the People!” – Nick Phillips, Editor-in-Chief, The Marijuana Times