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Yes on 2 in Florida Received Endorsement by SEIU Florida


It didn’t take long after United for Care announced their initiative was officially on the ballot for November 2016 before they started making it aware how important financial backing would be. 

The next step in the campaign include raising funds and spreading the word – before long it will be time to launch TV and radio ads as well as a social media campaign. The TV ads alone will be extremely expensive – but they can save a significant amount by securing their spots early.

This has been the main reason for their push for contributions – but contributions are not the only thing they need. They need support from all of us – and this year they once again have the support and endorsement of the Service Employees International Union of Florida (SEIU FL).

If you’ve never heard of the SEIU Florida, they represent 55,000 individuals holding positions as healthcare professionals, public employees, and public service workers. Members of the union hold jobs in public schools, hospitals, nursing homes, community colleges, and county governments throughout the state.

SEIU endorsed United for Care’s attempt to legalize medical marijuana in 2014 with the same enthusiasm as they are this time around. The 2014 election was such a close call – clearly the majority of Florid agrees on the need for medical marijuana and the endorsement of SEIU confirms this again.

“We are honored to again receive the support of the SEIU,” said Ben Pollara, Campaign Manager at United for Care. “The endorsement from the union representing the largest number of healthcare workers in the State is particularly rewarding. We will proudly fight alongside SEIU Florida to secure the rights of doctors and their patients with debilitating conditions to make medical decisions without having to live like criminals.” – Press Release from 2.9.2016

It’s good to see a group like this stepping forward for what we all know is right. Hopefully United for Care will have many more who are ready to stand up and help them to achieve the level of awareness needed to meet that 60% vote.

“The Use of Marijuana for Debilitating Medical Conditions ballot initiative is about compassion and quality of care for patients. There are hundreds of thousands of very sick Floridians who will find relief due to this comprehensive proposal. There are 24 other states that have a medical marijuana law; United for Care is doing the right thing for Florida by bringing this issue to the voters. Moreover, the proposal puts medical decisions back in their proper place- between patient and doctor,”

This is a great start for the official Yes on 2 campaign – we’ve still got months to go until the election – but everything seems to be coming together exactly how it needs to.