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Beyond/Hello Announces the Location of the First State-Approved Center City Philadelphia Medical Cannabis Dispensary


PHILADELPHIA — Beyond/Hello, a leading dispensary company focused on bringing the best personalized cannabis treatments and products to customers, announced the location of the first Center City Philadelphia medical cannabis dispensary approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Beyond/Hello expects to begin serving customers at 1206 Sansom Street in the fall of 2018.

“Legalizing cannabis is the right thing to do for our city and the Commonwealth,” said Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney.  “The opening of medical cannabis dispensaries in Philadelphia will make critical treatments more accessible to patients in need.  The program is also creating attractive jobs and the resulting tax revenue will fund important programs that improve our city and Commonwealth.”

“We commend Governor Tom Wolf, Mayor Jim Kenney and Philadelphia City Council for enacting policies that help Pennsylvanians,” said Blythe Huestis, president of Beyond/Hello.

“Beyond/Hello is led by a team of medical experts, pharmacists and professionals, who are ready to assist patients in identifying treatments to help improve their overall quality of life. We look forward to continuing to work with the state and community leaders to ensure the success of the state’s program.“

Beyond/Hello’s Center City location will help ensure medical cannabis patients no longer have to travel far distances to access high-quality medical cannabis products. The dispensary will carry a wide array of medical cannabis products, including concentrates, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), cannabis-infused oils, pills, capsules, tinctures, topicals, and a host of other ancillary products such as cartridges and vaporizer pens. Beyond/Hello will also have a pharmacist on site, along with well trained staff to help best serve patients.

“We look forward to serving patients in Center City and beyond,” added Huestis. “We are here as a trusted resource for the community. Whether patients have questions about medical cannabis, how medical cannabis works with the body, or a product — we will be here to help meet their needs.”

Under Pennsylvania law, patients who want to participate in the medical cannabis program must follow these steps:

  • First, visit the Patients and Caregivers Registry  and create a patient profile in the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s patient and caregiver registry;
  • Next, obtain a physician’s certification that you suffer from one of the qualifying medical conditions;
  • Then, return to the Patient and Caregivers Registry and pay for a medical cannabis identification card; and
  • Obtain medical cannabis from an approved dispensary in Pennsylvania.

About Beyond/Hello

Beyond/Hello is a leading dispensary company focused on bringing personalized service and individualized experiences to customers beyond the first visit and beyond the first hello. Led by a team of industry and medical experts, Beyond/Hello brings trusted, personalized cannabis treatments to customers with compassion and professionalism.