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Florida Epilepsy Foundation Endorses Amendment 2


Another endorsement was just dropped on United for Care’s Amendment 2 – and this is another big one. They are now being backed by the Florida Epilepsy Foundation – as well as the National Epilepsy Foundation – both of which have shown support for medical marijuana research in the past, but have never before taken a stance regarding a state’s medical marijuana initiative. Considering Florida is supposed to already have laws addressing medical marijuana for epilepsy (however limited) this endorsement is proof that those laws simply are not enough.

“Important medical decisions, such as treatments and medications, should be made by the licensed physicians who know their patients best. That’s why the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, along with the National Epilepsy Foundation, supports Amendment 2. Florida’s epilepsy patients should have available whatever treatment options that their doctors recommend, including medical marijuana.”

With the election looming ever closer, we are seeing a lot more happening between the campaigns for and against Amendment 2 – and every last endorsement that United for Care receives will better the chances that it will pass that 60% threshold in November. There have been multiple endorsements that we did not see at all during 2014’s close attempt at legalizing medical marijuana – but this latest one is exceptional because it is a group of both parents and healthcare employees who are saying that they would rather see a patient and doctor be able to discuss all treatment options, without fear of breaking the law – and Amendment 2 would make this a reality.

United for Care campaign manager, Ben Pollara, reacted to the joint endorsements, saying, “This campaign has always been about the notion that medical decisions are best made between doctors and patients – not politicians. The Epilepsy Foundation supports Amendment 2 for that same reason, and we are proud to stand with them and the 400,000 Floridians living with epilepsy and uncontrollable seizures. Medical marijuana may not be the right treatment for all with this condition, but doctors and patients should have the option; after this election, they finally will.”

Aside from this latest endorsement, just a few nights ago WESH 2 held a live debate between John Morgan, the man behind Amendment 2, and Dr. Jessica Spencer, of the No on 2 campaign. During the debate, Spencer acted as though she had never heard of any of the medical studies out there, used skewed statistics and misquoted wording from the proposed amendment – while John Morgan fought for our right to have medical marijuana as an option for treatment in cases where it has proven beneficial before.

Polling high still, between 65-70% in favor around the state, it’s looking like we have a solid chance at passing Amendment 2 and making cannabis therapy an option for thousands of patients throughout the state of Florida. This recent endorsement by the National Epilepsy Foundation and the Florida Epilepsy Foundation can only help the Yes on 2 Campaign to stay ahead.


  1. My name is Chastity. I’ve had Epilepsy seizures for 34 years now. I caught it when I was 10. I’m 44 now. I’m tired of this disability. The medicine doesn’t work. And as I see people who get surgery, that doesn’t work either. But these doctors, try to talk you into getting these surgeries to mess your brain and body up. I’m NOT going to have no surgery to mess my brain and body up. I’m trying to improve my brain right now. So, I need to try something that I heard of, that can and I’m willing to try. Something that has nothing to do with cutting my brain nor chest open. Period.