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InstantGMP, Inc. Debuts Game-Plan for Success: Maximize Production Uptime with Enhanced Equipment Logs Feature


InstantGMP, Inc., the developer behind the acclaimed InstantGMP™ Batch Management software released a much-anticipated enhancement to the Equipment Logs feature. With this new feature, companies can wield highly interactive equipment while automating production.

The Success Game-Plan X’s and O’s

How do you maximize production uptime while decreasing downtime? That is the million-dollar question for many producers. Manufacturing equipment can seamlessly integrate with InstantGMP™ workflows allowing users to complete batches all from a single, centralized screen. Through this interactivity, companies can:

•    Schedule and automate equipment related tasks such as preventative maintenance, calibration, cleaning, and user-defined activities
•    Automatic reminders and alerts for upcoming due dates
•    Eliminate errors by scanning barcoded equipment labels
•    Control the availability of equipment based on numerous pre-production factors
•    Unilaterally change equipment statuses
•    Improve product quality and consistency by capturing precise material measurements
•    Boost traceability through automatic equipment use records
•    Leverage time-reducing digital signatures
•    Enjoy cross-platform integration with InstantGMP™’s Document Management SystemMaster Production Records, and Batch Production Records
•    At-a-glance equipment snapshots

Virtually any piece of equipment used in manufacturing can be integrated by specially written protocols; adding another dimension to the user experience and are able to leverage current equipment for cost-savings. Companies can create an unparalleled and personalized experience with the software, maximize production uptime, and decrease batch downtime. Coupled with the highly-rated Implementation Package, enhanced Equipment Logs are part of the game-plan for success.

About InstantGMP, Inc.
InstantGMP™ is an innovative, interactive, affordable, compliant software that organizes and manages manufacturing processes with the goal of improving batch quality and consistency across several different industry verticals including biopharmaceuticals, biotech, cannabis, CBD & hemp, cosmetics, dietary supplements, e-liquids, kratom, and medical devices. The software is the brain-child of Dr. Richard Soltero, pharmaceutical veteran, and quality extraordinaire. InstantGMP, Inc.’s motto is, “We Support your Quality!”