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IQ Vaporizer By DaVinci Still Competing with New Vaporizers in 2018

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Serious thought has been put into the fabrication of this device. The DaVinci IQ is the 3rd installment of the growing line of vaporizers; it features a zirconia vapor path and ceramic heating chamber which delivers a rich, powerful and smooth vapor.

How Does the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Work?

The DaVinci vaporizer is easy to use. To load the vaporizer, open the bottom chamber and pack it tightly with the herbs. For maximum results, use packed herbs to fill up the bottom chamber. Close the chamber, and you are good to go. There are two ways you can interact with the vaporizer: You could use the bluetooth connection or physically interact with it.

When using the device directly, you press the power up button five times to turn it on. The device’s default mode will start it on the smart path. Smart path allows the user to set the temperature manually. Once you select the temperature, the initial temperature increases until it reaches the high-end temperature. For example, Smart Path 4 will start at an initial temperature of 205 degrees, then over the course of ten minutes will increase to 220 degrees without it being necessary to tweak it. These smart paths can be tuned with the customized DaVinci app according to your preference.

To manually set the temperature, like many temperature control units, the user navigates to ‘temperature control’ and then sets the desired temp using the up and down button. The DaVinci IQ app can be downloaded from iTunes and the Google play store.

Quality of the Vapor

The DaVinci IQ is the first vaporizer to feature an all-ceramic vapor path. The feature has gotten a warm reception in the industry since the ceramic maximizes the flavor. At lower temperatures, the flavor and flow of the vapor are impressive considering it is a conduction unit. At higher temperatures, the flavor diminishes, but it’s still decent. Additionally, due to the design, the vapor is always cool – you don’t have to worry about inhaling a hot hit.

The smart charge feature makes it even more enjoyable. The initial draws are filled with flavor, and the draws become more intense as the temperature gradually increases. It is the ideal way to enjoy subtle flavors from different herbs.

Battery life

The DaVinci IQ has not been without altercations since it first came on the market. Battery life is notably one of the major setbacks on the DaVinci IQ vaporizer. The inbuilt 18650 bit is a little underwhelming in comparison to other similar devices. This means the device can be used for two sessions before the battery gives out. Moreover, the battery life indicator for previous versions is inaccurate. When plugged in, the indicator shows the battery is fully charged, but once it is unplugged and turned on, a notch of the battery life will be gone. This wouldn’t be so bad if the battery didn’t take quite so long to charge. One and a half to two hours is how long it takes for the battery to charge completely once it’s been completely drained. The DaVinci IQ could benefit from a second battery.

General Experience

The Da Vinci IQ vaporizer is a culmination of revolutionary engineering and design. The work and innovation that went into creating the device are remarkable. The gadget is small, therefore making it easily portable, which gives the competitors a run for their money. The smart charge feature and mobile app combine technology, fashion, and functionality for a great overall experience.


  1. Completely agree with this. Davinci IQ is still my No.1 choice in 2018. This device is smart enough and gives me and my friends an incredible smoking experience everytime we’re out for a 420 party. I never leave my IQ alone. I just wish that it was a little less pricey and I would buy it in bulk.