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Long Distance Runner Flavie Dokken Goes the Extra Mile with Wana Brands


Popular Cannabis Edibles Producer and Ultra Marathon Runner Join Forces to Highlight the Positive Effect that Cannabis can have on Athletic Training and Recovery

Boulder, Colo. (March 27, 2018) –  Wana Brands – Colorado’s No. 1 selling edibles brand, as reported by BDS Analytics – has announced a year-long partnership with long-distance runner Flavie Dokken to help promote the health benefits of cannabis as a natural alternative for recovery and pain relief among the athletic community.

wana-pr-img-2A former bodybuilder and a U.S. Army Veteran, Dokken’s recent competitive accomplishments include completing multiple marathons and ultramarathons each year—including the Mad Moose Pueblo Half Marathon on February 25, where she had a 6.50 pace. Dokken, who utilizes cannabis for recovery and pain relief, will participate in the following races for the 2018 season: Quad Rock 50 Miles, Bryce Canyon 50K, La Sportiva Uphill Climb, Never Summer 100K, Mad Moose Crested Butte 105K and Ray Miller 30.

“Living in Colorado has provided me the opportunity to surround myself with like-minded individuals who live an active lifestyle and support the use of cannabis among the athletic community,” said Dokken, winner of the 10K Rattler Trail Race (2017). “As an endurance athlete, I am always pushing myself to my limits. I have found that incorporating cannabis into my post-training routine has aided in my recovery and helped me to relax, which enables me to prepare for my next training session.”

Many athletes, Dokken included, have found that marijuana can be used as a compliment to their training and recovery programs, and it provides symptom relief without the negative side effects that painkillers and prescription drugs can have. Many athletes have also reported that indica strains rich in CBD help them with pain management, relaxation, decreased anxiety and improved sleep quality.

“Being a Boulder-based company, Wana Brands has seen first-hand how cannabis can improve the overall well-being of athletes, and we are dedicated to providing athletes with the relief and aid they are seeking,” said Nancy Whiteman, Founder and CEO of Wana Brands. “We are honored to get to partner with Flavie, who has a mutual appreciation of cannabis as a tool for recovery, to advocate for the use of cannabis as a natural remedy among athletes.”

As cannabis continues to become more mainstream, an increasing number of athletes are advocating for the use of the herb as a safe and natural alternative; Dokken exemplifies how cannabis can be used as an aid in recovery. Together, Wana Brands and Dokken will work to educate the athletic community on how cannabis can elevate their experience and allow them to enjoy their passion to the fullest extent.

Wana Brands products offer athletes consistency and quality. The popular products are available in Colorado, as well as Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. Wana Brands is projecting expansion into Illinois, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and California, as well as internationally in Canada. With a wide range of items, spanning from sweet to sour, Wana Brands offers its customers a variety in choice and consistency in quality.

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