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‘March of the Clones’ Cannabis Protest at The White House


Dozens of cannabis activists gathered outside of the White House on Saturday to demand President Obama order the DEA to entirely remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act. DCMJ, the cannabis reformers, called it “The March of the Clones”.

Growers, patients, and consumers converged on the White House to toke up at 4:20 in an act of civil disobedience.

1Marching Plant

Marching plant in hand, a professional in the cannabis space who specializes in setting up equipment for grows big and small, attends the March of the Clones event on September 24, 2016 in Washington, D.C.

2Pro-pot Activists

DCMJ pro-pot advocates point out that since Obama took office in 2008, 5 million marijuana arrests have taken place in America.

3Dressed for the Occasion

A well-known cannabis photographer in the area dresses for the occasion. You can see his photos on his Facebook page, SOS Pact. Next to him is a nearly 7-foot tall paper mache rendition of President Obama by artist Mike Flugennock (not pictured). He explained on his blog that his art represents how the DEA has Obama “frozen, like Han Solo”; the term “choom” refers to Obama’s weed-smoking posse from school, nicknamed the “Choom Gang”.

This piece was “inspired by a scene from Return of the Jedi in which Han Solo is frozen in carbonite in Jabba’s lair, this poster announces a new round of cannabis legalization protest in Washington, DC and the White House on September 24, and calls on the DEA to “release the #Choom” — to deschedule cannabis and free all prisoners being held for marijuana “crimes”.

4Good person, I am

An advocate and writer at the Cannabis Business Executive, Christine Edmonds, holds a sign of the Yoda character with the words “Very Stoned I will be…Good person, I am.”

5Passing Joints

Joints were passed around at 4:20PM EST in front of the White House, to call attention to advocates’ efforts to deschedule cannabis.

6Veterans Crisis Line

A veteran and cannabis activist proudly wears his dog tag for the Veterans Crisis Line, as well as his pot leaf necklace, to the March of the Clones event in Washington, D.C.

7Starting the Smoke-in

DC cannabis community leaders, Adam Eidinger (right) and DC’s SCROGER (left) start the smoke-in in front of the White House. DC Scroger has a grow show on WLVS called Scrogging with the Scroger.

8Police Stand Guard

Two Police officers stand guard at the crosswalk in front of the White House. Visitors and protesters of any issue are allowed to congregate on Pennsylvania Avenue in accordance with the First Amendment.

9Smoking Marijuana

Three protesters hold their clones and signs depicting President Obama smoking marijuana in front of the White House on September 24, 2016.

10Thumbs Up

A police officer guarding the White House gives the ‘thumbs up’ to protesters after they explained that they are continuing their march to the National Mall.

All Images Courtesy of Chloe Sommers