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Med-X, Inc. Publishes Results from 2015-2017 Integrated Pest Management Study

Image Courtesy of Nature-Cide

Med-X, Inc., a Los Angeles based ancillary products company, recently published the results from its first research and development study. The report focuses on its Nature-Cide pesticide products and their uses in a proprietary integrated pest management (IPM) strategy for the cultivation of cannabis. The report documents one of the company’s research cultivations that took place between August 1st, 2015 to March 15th, 2017. The objective of the study was to cultivate high-grade medicinal marijuana without the use of chemical pesticides. The report indicates that they were successful in cultivating four strains from clone to curing without the use of any sort of chemical pesticides. The final product from the harvest was tested by SC Labs in March of 2017 and those results are also included in the report findings. The full report can be found here.

“We have the proprietary products and required certified expertise to practice pest management on agriculture in the state of California. When cultivators from other legal states started using our products in the cannabis industry, it was important for us to dive right in and prove internally that, indeed, our products and methods get the job done,” said Matthew Mills, COO of Med-X, Inc.

During the process of documenting the research grow, the team was also able to create a simple IPM guide that walks a grower through the process of using the Nature-Cide products while cultivating. The report was published at a time when many Los Angeles based dispensaries were called into question after an NBC 4 report came out documenting a 95% rate of pesticides in tested products from over 25 local Los Angeles dispensaries.

“As much as people want to deny it, growing world class cannabis without using chemical pesticides is possible and we set out to prove it. This report proves to our community that with the right strategy, any size operation can produce amazing results with confidence,” said Mills.

As state and city regulations are being finalized in California, growers across the state are being forced to get their operations compliant – sooner rather than later.

“Public health officials at the Los Angeles County level are very aware of the level of contamination in some of the medicinal product that is being sold. Our sources at the county level have indicated to us that progress is being made on how the rules and regulations will shape out and the number one focus will be geared toward public health and safety,” explained Mills.

As a consultant for the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Mills and his team have been hard at work, pointing out the corners previous black market growers have cut over the years in hopes that the leadership at the county level will be patient as cultivators get on the same page. Mr. Mills and his team are hoping that all the commercial and private cultivators in the county will take the initiative to educate themselves on the building codes and requirements that all grow facilities will have to abide by in the near future.

“In this ever-changing, fast-paced industry of cannabis, it is important to understand that our officials and the community have to work hand-in-hand to ensure the safety and well-being of our citizens, patients and customers. We look forward to the day when together, we can all look back and see how far we have come.”