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The Best Dab Container in 2021

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Dabbing is an increasingly popular form of smoking that has gained a lot of momentum in the past decade, and dab containers have become an essential part of storing your concentrates safely. Users with a high tolerance enjoy dabbing cannabis concentrates for its incredible potency and flavor profiles, while marijuana hobbyists enjoy the ritual of setting up an oil rig. They are fun, they hit hard, and have an unparalleled flavor. 

But with the proliferation of dabs, a problem that almost every dab enthusiast has encountered is how to store their dabs. Dabbable concentrates aren’t cheap, and they are sticky by nature. As a result, users have to be careful about storing them in a cool, dark area where they won’t spill onto the floor and pick up dust and bacteria. Touching a dab can alter the taste and add contaminants you don’t want in your lungs. 

Outdated Types of Concentrate Containers 

To help solve this problem, the dabbing community has come up with many storing methods over the years. Parchment Paper was one of the most popular storing methods due to its non-stick properties. Users lay their concentrates on the paper and fold it up. This is a fine method as long as the paper stays intact. However, if someone were to sit on it, or if the paper is somehow torn, the concentrate is compromised. 

Some users swear by glass as the best dab containers. However, other users often complain that the sticky nature of concentrate makes it stick very hard to the glass.  Other users have opted for silicon containers. They are also non-stick, though can still be knocked over and are unfit for long-term storage in terms of taste. But, recently a company has invented a better way to store your favorite cannabis extracts while you’re on the go.

The Modern Dab Container Solution


Bakked has released a new, elegant solution to storing your dabs, called the Gyro. The gyro is gyroscopic, gravity-defying, spill-proof concentrate storage that will allow users to easily transport their concentrates from place to place without worrying about spillage. 

The Gyro is designed to withstand any worst-case scenario. You can shake it, twist it, and even drop it without worrying about ruining your concentrate and wasting money. The one-solution storage ensures you don’t have to consistently purchase dabbing papers, and the cannabis extract won’t get stuck in the threading of our storage container providing ultimate portability. 

The Gyro is sold empty for loading your own concentrates or comes pre-packaged with one gram of live resin, a cannabis concentrate known for its fresh flavor that can only come through a meticulous freezing process. In addition to packing a punch potency-wise, live resin bypasses the drying and curing process that is known for destroying concentrate terpenes to provide users with an unrivaled freshness. The resin is currently available in Colorado and will be launching in other states in 2021.

Where to Buy it

The Gyro is currently available online and can be purchased at the bakked website. It currently costs $14.99 and will be delivered to you for free through 4/20. It’s the perfect dab container for users who want an easy, transportable dabbing experience without the risk of spills, messes, or wasted concentrates. 

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