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Tips To Make Your Shroom Experience More Enjoyable

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The decriminalization of magic mushrooms has started a new wellness movement. More and more people wish to embrace them to achieve mental health benefits and open up their perceptions. But you can expect a shaky start with shrooms as they may not live up to your expectations in the beginning. The truth is that no two experiences can be the same, so you should be realistic and find your own way ahead. Some preparation and practice can help you set the pace and become a pro with shrooms sooner than later. Let us share some tried and tested tips to make your experience more enjoyable.

Set intentions before starting

Setting intentions before embarking on your magic mushroom journey gives you a good start. You may want to try the wellness aid to deal with depression, anxiety, addiction, or negativity, so be aware of your goal. But expect the first few sessions to be tricky as you never know how things may pan out. But you can prepare by being in a good headspace. Everything boils down to keeping an open mind and letting the shrooms work their own way. 

Create the right set and setting

Enjoying your shroom experience is about creating the right set and setting for your sessions. Your home is the ideal zone as it is safe and comfortable, but you can also join a friend at their place. Keep things like some healthy snacks, your favorite playlist, and art supplies at hand. You may want to get creative with writing and painting during the trip or simply sleep the effects off. Ensuring the right set and setting lets you do your thing.

Choose a product according to your preference

Not everyone feels comfortable chewing magic mushrooms because the taste seldom goes well with your taste buds. Luckily, you can find better options like shroom chocolate or gummies to appeal to your palate. You may try brewing tea or mixing the fungi with your favorite recipes. There’s a world of options to explore, so just be open to creativity and experimentation.  

Manage your doses

Another tip to keep your trips safe and enjoyable is to manage your doses effectively. Going too big isn’t the best thing to do, even as a seasoned consumer. Let your tolerance levels guide you, and take a microdosing approach when you want to increase the dose. Newbies need to be extra conscious, and it is better to have a trip sitter to show the way during the initial sessions. 

Timing makes a difference

You cannot expect to drive to the market or take work calls after a shroom trip. Timing your sessions appropriately is vital to make the most from them. Wrap up your tasks and clear your schedule for the rest of the day after the session. You must get a good night’s sleep after the trip, so ensure having a day off afterward too. Experts recommend fasting before the session for the best outcomes. 

An enjoyable shroom trip is about comfort and safety, and these tips cover you on both fronts. Start slow and easy, and journal your early sessions to guide the subsequent ones. 

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